Top 10 New Technical Gadgets Used in Daily Life

Latest Technical Gadgets make our life easy. These are very cool and most people use them in their daily routine. You shouldn’t miss these important Gadgets. These Technical Gadgets are posted here after taking the survey of people that were used and still are using.

Technical Gadgets are more than 1000 that are used in daily life but in this blog of FlutterTPoint We will discuss only Top 10 Gadgets that are very beneficial and useful in our daily life. These gadgets do not provide any harmful effect on our life and daily routine.

1. Apple Watch

Apple watch is the most popular watch from the last 2 years. From health and fitness you can also control your iphone even if it is locked. You can count your heartbeat using the apple watch.

apple watch
apple watch

You can get all your notifications from your iphone and send a reply to that notification or message. The Apple watch was created by Apple to make life easy. Following are some important features of Apple watch which trigger you to purchase this technical gadget which is spreading in the latest time.

List of All Features of Latest Technical Apple Watch Gadgets

  • Get notification from your iphone.
  • Count your heartbeats
  • Fitness and health tracking
  • Unlock your iphone using Apple watch.
  • Get notification from your iphone
  • Count your heartbeats.
  • Receive messages.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Warn about heart abnormal condition.
  • Alarm
  • Time control
  • Workout tracking
  • Display ticket and give notifications
  • Unlock your mac
  • Listen to music
  • Use Siri
  • Use Apple pay
  • You can take a screenshot.
  • Control your TV and other home connected devices
  • Get ECG reading.
  • You can check your blood oxygen level.
  • Use pictures as watch faces.
  • Other Remote control functions
  • Unlock room gates.
  • Make a phone call

All the above features are used in the apple watch but you should remember that some features are not supported in the lower versions. The Apple watch makes our life easy so I recommend you to purchase it once in your life. You can purchase from this link from Amazon.

2. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an AI based platform which recognizes voice speech and provides the result. It can set alarm, remainder, voice google search, voice search, voice search music play and many other interesting latest technical features which you cannot imagine in any gadgets.

amazon alexa
amazon alexa

Some of the interesting features are below.

  • Voice search
  • Voice google search 
  • Music play by voice recognized
  • Set Alarm.
  • Remainder.
  • Play search results.
  • Control your smart home services by Alexa guard.
  • It can answer your questions
  • It can make skype call
  • You can find your phone using Alexa.
  • Read Emails.
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • It can establish a routine.
  • Alexa can read your book
  • Most Entertainment
  • Listen to the news.

Most people use Alexa in modern times. This is developed by Amazon which is the latest technical gadget that provides more and more interesting entertainment. You should not miss this technical gadget which belongs to the funny gadgets but is very interesting. You can purchase this from Amazon.

3. Wireless Neckband

Wireless neckband is a smart earphone or we can say a speaker which you can engage in your ears. You don’t need to connect your phone by cable. It has the Bluetooth connectivity feature. All Neckbands are chargeable so why are they connected by cable? These are connected by Bluetooth.


Following are some interesting features which enable you to use the Neckband.

  • You can connect this by Bluetooth with your phone.
  • Chargeable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Better look.
  • You can make a call
  • Good HD Sound
  • Hand free call
  • Talk when you are walking or working.
  • Comfortable
  • Long Battery life

You should try Neckband at once. You can purchase this from amazon website. 

4. MI Smart Band

Mi smart band is a wearable activity tracker created by Xiaomi MI. We can track several activities using this band. It looks like a watch, it is a beautiful technical gadget which is wearable in our hand.

mi smart band
mi smart band

Features of Xiaomi Mi Band

  • 11 sports modes
  • 14 day extra long battery life
  • Magnetic charging
  • All new women’s health tracking
  • 24 hour sleep monitoring
  • 24 hour heart rate monitoring
  • 50 m water resistance
  • Outdoor running
  • Treadmill
  • Cycling
  • Freestyle walking
  • Large dynamic color-display
  • Bluetooth

The MI band was released by Xiaomi on 22 July 2014. This is the most used technical gadget in daily life. You can purchase this band from the Amazon website.

5. Mini Photo Printer

Mini Photo Printer is a new technology which makes a smart and short printer. Mini smart printers are too short, so we can put it into our bag, pocket. Everyone wants to capture the beautiful moments when we are walking or travelling with our partner or family. We can not go to a shop to print out a photo from our mobile. Mini Photo Printer is a beautiful smart printer by which we can print out colored photos anywhere. These are chargeable printers.

mini photo printer
mini photo printer

Advantages of Mobile Photo Printer

  • Lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Chargeable
  • We can take it anywhere because it is lightweight.
  • Print out colored photos
  • HD quality thermal printing
  • Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity
  • High resolution print

Mobile mini Photo printers are available on Amazon and other websites you can purchase at low cost. These technical gadgets are also most popular at this time. If you visit any beach, you can see many photographers there who provide hand to hand colored photos. They actually use these mini smart photo printers.

6. Mobile Mini Projector

Everyone wants to see the picture on the big screen, this was possible only in the theaters before time. The new innovation came to us and someone created a mini projector that enables you to enjoy the movie on the big screen at your home and even the movie plays from your mobile phone. You can play any video or movie from your mobile in these mini projector.

mobile projector
mobile projector

Features of Mobile Mini Projector

  • High resolution videos
  • Good brightness adjustment
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • Play movies from your mobile
  • External sound connectivity
  • Enjoy at your home
  • Also connectivity through cable available in many projectors
  • Use connection port for PAN drive and card.

We suggest you purchase this at once. This item is available on Amazon you can purchase it from there.

7. Mini Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

There are many houses where ladies live alone after their partner goes to office or somewhere. So everyone wants to secure their place, this smart mini wi-fi camera helps you to secure your partner, family or your house. These are mini and smart cameras which have wi-fi connectivity. You can see live recordings and HD videos with good quality audio. Many cameras have the speaking ability that means you can speak from anywhere to the camera and it will speak there.

mini wifi cctv camera
mini wifi cctv camera

Some Advantages And Features of Mini Wi-Fi Camera

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Some cameras can rotate at 3600
  • See live recording from anywhere
  • High quality recording
  • Some cameras have the speaking ability means two way audio
  • Alarm sound
  • Small in size
  • Automatic number plate recognizing
  • Facial recognition
  • Cloud storage
  • Security
  • Criminal evidence
  • Safety

Different cameras have different features, I included all features which are available in high price or low price cameras. You can use these mini cameras in your business place or home place to secure your productivity. You can purchase this from the Amazon website.

8. TreadMill

Treadmill is used for running, walking and climbing while staying in the same place. Treadmill is used for exercise in daily life for fitness. You don’t need to go for GYM you can purchase it at home. This is a technical gadget which has many features.


Advantages And Features of Treadmill

  • Users can fit the time for which he/she wants to work.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Its surface is softer than the real road surface.
  • Treadmill burns calories faster than the other exercise.
  • Multiple users can use this
  • Treadmill controls the user’s heartbeat.
  • Mental health and heart health
  • Treadmills are convenient, safe and private.
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building exercise
  • Building bone density
  • Benefits to diabetics

Treadmill is available on many ecommerce websites. You can purchase this from Amazon. This technical gadget is best for fitness and exercise at home. There are many other technical gadgets for fitness and making for your body.

9. Prestige Roti Maker

Prestige Roti maker is a new latest Roti Maker gadget that is the latest part of kitchen technical gadgets. We can not say it is technical but it seems to work like a charm. This is the best gadget for upto 4-5 persons. 

prestige roti maker
prestige roti maker

Benefits of Prestige Roti Maker

  • Easy to make roti
  • Electric
  • Money saving
  • Save time
  • Less effort
  • Anyone can use
  • Delicious roti
  • One touch program
  • User Friendly

It is available on Amazon ecommerce website. You can purchase it from there.

10. Mobile Stand

Most mobiles in modern times have good quality cameras. Using the mobile stand you can hold your mobile and shoot your videos anywhere. This is a cool gadget for mobile devices for recording videos. Short and long stands are available in the market.

mobile stand
mobile stand

Features and Benefits of Mobile Stand

  • Easy to record your videos when you are alone
  • 360 degree rotation of mobile holder in stand
  • In the long stand you can increase and decrease the length of stand
  • Use can use this for holding the camera also
  • Easy to take selfie
  • Short stand can be used in car to hold the mobile
  • At the time or running you can bind your mobile to your shoulder with help of mobile stand binder

There are many types of mobile stands like a three leg stand or short stand. I describe the features for all those. You can purchase it from the Amazon website.


There are thousands of technical gadgets in the market and increasing day by day. We listed here only those which are not harmful and not costly. These gadgets are easy to use. You can search for more gadgets on other ecommerce websites like amazon or Flipkart etc.

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